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We are passionate DevOps stalwarts, building and deploying enterprise software products for our group companies. Our specialization is all about merging the best tools and trends with our multi-disciplinary approach to augment your digital expertise, accelerate your ROI and deliver great customer experience.



A mature digital signing product mySignatureBook is a digital transaction management platform with a custom enterprise focus. Our development and testing teams ensure that mySignatureBook keeps pace with the rapidly changing market demands and befits the existing and potential needs of its customers, who range from basic use customers to ardent technology users.

What makes mySignatureBook better than similar digital signing products in the market?
  • Enterprise Focused Product that seamlessly integrates with relevant technologies, also allowing cross-site integration
  • Cloud-based SaaS Solution providing ease of use with a flawless signing experience from anytime, anywhere, any device
  • Long-term Storage for document retention and easy retrieval whenever required
  • Flexible SaaS Model that can be quickly deployed and easily customized to enhance your branding appeal and for a coherent end-to-end experience.
  • Highly Secure and Compliant to various industry norms including 21 CFR Part 11, FDA, EMA and FIPS 142 with in-built as well as independent document validation
  • Up-to-date Status with Real-time Notifications for unobstructed tracking and timely reporting
  • Comprehensive Dashboard, Simple and Intuitive Interface to allow easy registration, tagging and signing
  • Proven and mature solution for the fast growing digital market for complete paperless transformation and increased business velocity.

For superior risk management facilities, enhanced operational competence and rapid trading, Spire was launched in the year 2010. It has made a name for itself in the securities finance sector, as a fully-integrated, scalable platform that provides all-inclusive front, mid and back office support.

What does Spire offer?
  • Superior accounting features which also embrace general ledger, calculations of gross or net income, performance reporting, P&L etc
  • Array of updates and reports on daily as well as monthly basis, to help making calculated decisions through well-defined analytics
  • Lesser risk exposure by assessing your trade limits, pre-trade compliance testing and other regulatory compliance
  • A turnkey solution that accelerates integration and deployment plans to help get quicker outcomes, especially in case of collateral management and optimization
Why Spire over other securities finance platforms?

Easily Deployable

on almost all server Operating System; can run on all web browsers with uts 10g or higher Oracle database

Multifactor Authentication

ensures robust security with inbuilt enhancements and Security Master and access control

Flexible Platform

that includes features like export/import of data, web services and other key applications like EquiLend, Data Explorer and more.

Faster Trading

with our flexible data structure, real-time information, capability and access on demand advantage

Our Expertise

The rigorous documentation processes have been taking a strenuous toll on the entire enterprise eco system, not to forget the exhausting steps of paper printing, scanning, faxing, sending and then storing involved in it. Our DTM platform is an easy riddance formula that boils it down to a few easy clicks.

Your customer service quality can make or break your business reputation; hence outstanding customer experience is our only focus.

Here?s why customers prefer our digital transaction management platform:

  • An easy and safe shortcut through digital transaction that increases business velocity
  • Don't worry about incomplete or lost documents, we bring to you enhanced traceability and complete control
  • With improved compliance and security, stay confident against frauds
  • A flexible process that works jointly for multiple signers devoid of the hassles of managing hard copies
  • Liberation from the additional expenses of shipping and postage, lowers your operational costs
  • The advantage of legal and regulatory compliance makes it secured against deceptions
  • It is not simply about signing and storing but a complete workflow processing package
  • Maximizes cross-functional collaboration with its ready-for-market model
  • Our platform?s vertical approach makes adoption of our solution easy for all users
  • A mature product that has been successfully tested and deployed
  • Scalable, certifiably secure and fully managed software-as-a-service platform

And our software product pays for itself in 6 months or less!

The mobile versions of our products are rich in user experience; ensure complete user engagement and instantaneous feedback

When designing apps for our products CX (Customer Experience) is our major focus. A user-friendly interface that blends with the industry needs of customers is what makes a product successful. In case of mobile applications the main priority is keeping it simple, intuitive and responsive to the devices as well as users. And that is exactly what we do.

Having an app that effectively meets the needs of your user-groups will prove immensely valuable to your business workflow. Our applications are tested at each stage and several times before being presented to our clients. And indeed their feedback is given due consideration to make the apps more befitting to their enterprise requirements.

The wave of mobility is big and it is here to drench everyone. You surely don't want to be left dry.

  • First, simply because it will bring promptness in decision-making
  • Second, real-time access to data, anytime, anywhere, from any device
  • Third, considerable time and cost reductions, especially for multi-locational requirements
  • Fourth, increase in efficiency and productivity

Our products are great and their mobile apps equal to them

Our products are designed for the next generation ecosystem, we ensure that they fit faultlessly with your enterprise needs.

  • Applicable to both Android and iOS platforms, our product apps are easily deployable and integrate with business strategies too
  • Well-designed interface for absolute user-friendliness
  • Cloud-based storage systems allow easy recovery of required documents
  • Strong middleware ensures uninterrupted meeting of your business requirements, even for user-groups on the go

Now you can access, review and sign your important documents while sitting at your desk, stuck on the road or anywhere in between. Our enterprise mobile apps are simple to use and give your business workflow the desired flexibility.

Your customer service quality can make or break your business reputation; hence outstanding customer experience is our only focus.

Our products speak of our Enterprise Application Integration capabilities, so do the client lists and the robust pipeline of our group companies Taigle LLC and Stonewain Systems Inc.

For software products eager to capture the market and maintain their reputation, it is important that that they follow core integration processes. Enterprises are constantly looking for solutions that make their workflow smooth and easy to adopt; however the biggest challenge they face is the lack of reliable backend service, which in our case is unfailing.

Why our EAI processes are better:

  • Well-designed applications that fit effortlessly into your API(s)
  • Well-managed middleware so that every interface of the application is clearly defined, routed, separated which in turn makes transformations of messages easier
  • Simplified modular processes that help build flexible architecture
  • Customized such that adding or removing applications doesn?t affect the architectural flow
  • Whether it is integrating data, security related standardization or network management our EAI methodologies have you covered
  • We understand the magnanimity of data management, hence adopting a scalable architecture is always critical

The 21st century is racing its way to the digital world and if you are still using a solution that doesn?t incorporate EAI processes, you are certainly taking the long road instead of the highway.

The taxing scenarios of the finance sector have led to an incessant need for solutions that not only reduce the turnaround time but also enhance the workflow management. Our securities finance platform was created after thoroughly researching on the market needs and rapidly changing scenario.

While we ensure organized risk management and refined automation capabilities for you, there is more in the kit:

  • Whether it is agency lending, collateral management, stock borrows or loans our product can be customized to fit into your workflows
  • Complete package for front, mid and back office solution with a well-defined automation mechanism
  • Also helps in risk analysis by estimating trade limits, pre-trade exposure management, pre-trade compliance testing and more
  • Compatible with key applications like EquiLend, Loanet and more
  • Each module of this product is capable to work as a standalone system, thus allowing you to analyze every component separately
  • It's fast trading capabilities reduced manual effort thus helping in accelerating the decision-making process
  • Allows adding of operational facilities suiting your business needs
  • Make the borrowing and lending process smooth with well-integrated security mechanisms

Get an easily comprehensible trade view and faster processing with our scalable product for securities finance.


Make a smooth digital transition in your healthcare ecosystem with our scalable, certifiably secure and fully managed SaaS platform. Ascentx has what it takes to get you at the right spot in the rapidly advancing digital environment.

Comprehensive paperwork plays a much important role in this industry for dealing accurately with insurance companies, maintaining lab reports, drug prescriptions, patient consent forms and maintenance of doctor-nurses credentials. Our product reduces the hassle of managing the paperwork by making it all digital and accomplishing the desired job in a matter of seconds.

Users of Our Digital Transaction Management Platform

Life Sciences, Pharmaceutical Industry, Healthcare Providers and Clinical Research Organizations (CRO)

Benefits of Our Product

  • Non-intrusive, fits easily with the workflow
  • Provides cross-site efficiencies
  • Reduces 'Drug development to market' cycle
  • Eco-friendly solution
  • Independent document validation
  • Multi-factor authentication
  • Tamper seal & embedded audit trail

21 CFR Part 11 FDA Compliant

Our product has been tailored for complete compliance to FDA policies and 21 CFR Part 11, which makes it a flexible and well-managed product with complete procedural and administrative controls.

HIPAA Compliant

Considering the delicate system and strict norms of the healthcare industry, we have designed a product that is obedient to its legislative and regulatory standards, including the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA). This makes your document more secure with its tamper-proof technologies along with signer verification and authentication techniques.

With our unrivalled e-signing technology, you can save time, maximize the benefits of technology and manage costs across the entire healthcare realm.

To know more about our product, visit us at www.mysignaturebook.com

Digitized solutions for Faster Trading, Enhanced Risk Management, quick and safe access to signatures and customer data.

To smoothly untangle the complex methodology of the finance sector, we bring to you well-architected platforms that help reduce turnaround time thus, increasing efficiency while lowering operational costs. With some prominent names from the finance sector in our list, we have earned a name for ourselves when it comes to unobstructed support and elevated customer experience.

A Securities Finance Platform Soaring Higher Everyday

A modular and fully customized platform that caters to lending, borrowing, managing, optimizing, cash management and trading needs. Our development and support teams work relentlessly to ensure that there are absolutely no interruptions in the business workflow and it accelerates with the customers? needs.

Safe Digital Signatures for Hassle-free Deals

Our product makes e-signing a secure and easy affair for a variety of requirements, such as investment banking, securities lending, opening new accounts, credit cards, e-mortgage, transferring assets, similar agreements and contracts. We offer an excellent authenticity, traceability and control compared to all paper-based processes.

Our Highpoints

  • Well-defined and intelligently architected solution that not only defines but also help in implementing roadmaps
  • 24*7 backend support and uncompromising client service
  • Strategic assessment and implementation of infrastructure design
  • Robust security mechanisms such as multifactor authentication, access control and similar such options for accessing different levels
  • Operational capabilities unique to the clients? business requirements
  • Well-managed reporting for daily, monthly and on-demand report requirements
  • Thorough risk analysis which include evaluating trade limits, pre-trade compliance testing, post-trade exposure management, settlement, and regulatory compliance

Our products have been designed and developed after an in-depth research into the market needs, hence when you adopt solutions developed by us, you will find it blending with your enterprise requisites without any creases.

Our products are empowered with readily adaptable Enterprise Application Integration technologies to meet the well-linked requirements of educational institutions. Also considering the extensive documentation management needs of the academic industry, Ascentx uses off-the-shelf as well as customized mechanisms to help end-users learn and operate these technologies easily.

What keeps us ahead of the curve?

  • Use of fitting technologies to create middleware frameworks for smooth integration with the administration processes
  • Enhanced customer experience with easy-to-use and adaptable enterprise applications to put an end to the culture of working in silos
  • On-premise integration enabling educational institutions leverage their technological connect with the millennial audience
  • Unhindered support at every step for building a strong supply chain management
  • Implementing a suitably customized solution that befits your technical architecture and complements the IT strategy of the institution

Robust and secured solutions allowing interoperability and centralized workflows is the core competency of Ascentx. Our products go through rigorous testing before deployment and our support team ensures complete guidance and backing to for making comprehensive use of our solutions in accelerating your business functions.

Streamlined processes with a more digital and paperless approach; cost-effective investment which reduces your work stress and fits seamlessly into the current and future education model. If you are in need of a customized solution that proves to be a digital transaction management platform for handling the administrative interests of your academic institution, we would love to be of assistance (Link to contact us page).

Our association with the life sciences and pharmaceutical industries is so profound that we dedicated our Digital Transaction Management Platform, with the title ?By Pharma for Pharma? acknowledging the long liaison.

The need to respond with agility to market dynamics is critical for the hypersensitive, globally spread market of pharma and life sciences sectors. SaaS applications designed by Ascentx help in the instrumentation of end-to-end processes for organized mergers, operations and acquisitions.

How did we carve a niche for ourselves in this sector?

  • EAI proficiency to streamline activities and improve functioning of CROs
  • Devising solutions that reduce overhead costs and optimize resources
  • Dynamic go-to-market strategies with a flexible development model
  • Applying industry best practices to create customized solution that boosts productivity
  • Executing testing at all levels of application development including performance, automated and security related testing
  • Following all regulatory compliances such as 21 CFR Part 11, beneficial during clinical investigations and trials or patent related disputes
  • Providing the options of easy-to-use templates and well-designed workflows with tracking feature

We are a team of skilled programmers with considerable industrial expertise to aid in following and applying the regulatory practices of pharma sector that reduces the response to market time. Our proprietary solutions are updated based on our regular analysis of the market growth drivers, to help our clients stay ahead in the race. We take pride in meeting deadlines with flawless results for our group companies.

The technically advancing generation is expecting the same smooth processing and fast results from governmental agencies, as they get from private service-providers. However, the customer experience has been far from satisfactory in this case, the major reasons being standalone applications, more often than not unresponsive communication or exchange of information, and gaps in the supply chain links.

Solutions from Ascentx have been architected by experienced technical experts. Along with the advantage of a well-defined workflow, products designed by Ascentx make task processing smoother by:

How did we carve a niche for ourselves in this sector?

  • Following and implementing current automation trends in the market to ensure smooth functioning of geographically distributed business operations
  • Professional development and testing to guarantee faster time-to-market
  • Applications which can be customized to address the needs of different types of stakeholders
  • Managing the collected information and providing complete security at each stage of its transfer as well as storage
  • Tracking and verification of the workflow as well as manageable access, allowing the administrator to oversee the work progress
  • Robust support system aiding clients at every step before, during and after application integration

Considering the vast requirements of the government agency, our mature products are scalable and flexible to fit into the changing needs of the industry and its stakeholders. Our solutions not only expedite the processes but also reduce the overhead expenses.

The realm of real estate is overlapping in terms of geographical boundaries, however its processing of workflows, data integration and other methodologies are still managed in silos. Solutions developed, tested and launched by Ascentx for its group companies are not simply capable but up to speed with the current automation requirements of this sector.

This is how our solutions are at par with the needs of the real estate industry:

  • Sending, receiving and tracking information to and fro, customers, partners and employees
  • Easy signing of contracts, agreements and other documents with complete compliance and legal pertinence
  • Easily deployable EAI solutions that befit into your business needs
  • Manageable data integration for real estate developers, companies, brokers and buyers
  • Hassle-free application of automated workflows with easy tracking of ROI
  • Customized SaaS applications made for the highly engaging market
  • Highly skilled resource pool with round the clock support

Products created by Ascentx are not just a mix of technologies, they are researched upon, established, developed, tested and then launched after incorporation of changes based on feedback. We bring to you, interoperable solutions to help you analyze the industry trends and improve decision-making as well as implementation. You can now drive revenue and improve customer experience without worrying about increase in operational costs.

Technologies We Use

When building Enterprise Applications for our products or for providing unhindered support to our clients we ensure that the most pertinent and intelligently created technologies are at use.

About Us

Ascentx Software Development Services is the provider of flagship products and solutions for its US based group companies Taigle LLC and Stonewain Systems Inc. Why we call our products problem-solvers? Because we know that they have been forged in the fire of rising industry demands and needs.

Our motto 'Ascend to Technosphere' is not some geeky tagline; it is the driving force to create solutions that help enterprises reach their goals faster. Being part of an industry that stresses on constant innovation, team Ascentx comes up with differentiated offerings that reflect our deep domain expertise. We put forward end-to-end solutions for the industry-specific needs of our clients to help them accelerate their business processes.

To gain most out of a quality product, the first step is quality coding. The foundation of Ascentx was laid on the bricks of uncompromised quality and we have ensured that no concession is ever granted for this practice.

Simply creating a great product does not build a good customer rapport but the support that follows surely does. Our teams are trained to provide unparalleled backend support for our clients and we believe in being available round the clock to ensure substantial aid to them.

You have a target?

We have the right set of tools to help you nail it.

Our products are created out of existing industry challenges; our solutions crafted for next generation enterprise needs and we ensure they are the best in the market. We are talking about pioneering solutions for financial, healthcare, administrative, pharma and life sciences sector.

Learn about our best-of-class solutions.

Stonewain is precisely a customized solution-provider for the finance industry. Elaborately explained it is standing on the beachhead and providing the defenders with the best ammunition to hold grounds in the finance arena. Beginning from agency lending, accelerating workflows, rapid trading, prime brokerage, broker dealer community to risk management, Stonewain?s 360░ assessment helps it tailor solutions such that they integrate flawlessly into business workflows, thus assisting our clients (leading names in the finance sector) in carrying out their core tasks without much hassles.

Simply described Taigle LLC is a turnkey solution provider that helps companies adopt and implement mission critical business applications to achieve desirable results for optimum ROI. Technically speaking we are appliers of cutting-edge technology producing foolproof software products. We evoked our venture with healthcare, life sciences and financial sectors, however our present market strategy includes wider and more sophisticated zones. Taigle is trusted by its clients for its high-end technological expertise and customized solutions including mobile app, seamless integration with existing digital systems(including CRM, HRM, corporate directory and others), comprehensive consulting, robust middleware-related solution and more.

We are talking about reachable bosses, ready to lend their ears to your revolutionary ideas (as long as they don?t turn the world upside down, at times they have even considered them).

Our leadership team is a group of highbrow, quick-witted individuals who believe in being collaborators than bosses to keep the team-members motivated.

Meet Our Skippers

Armeet Sandhu

Armeet Sandhu

Armeet is in the driver's seat holding the CEO's position and by that we mean he is not the employer to be feared but the captain you can count on and look up to.

Armeet Sandhu

Ajit Sodhi

Ajit is the well-informed boss in the navigator's seat, also the tech-wizard who works hand in hand with the team. The co-founder and managing partner of Ascentx.

Armeet Sandhu

Brig. Pall Sandhu

The chairman of the board Brig. Pall Sandhu has over 25 years of experience managing mid -level enterprises in addition to his splendid tenure with the Indian army.

Armeet Sandhu

Rupa Bhullar

She is the director managing multiple roles and overseeing the departments of finance, HR and business development. Rupa has a strong background in finance & management.

What happens when experienced brains with industry knowledge come together?

Explosions of innovative ideas to solve indispensable problems; this is exactly what happens at Ascentx. We are not another software development house we are creative heads also providing support to our US based group companies.

Why do we stand out in the crowd?

Simply because we experiment

It is against our rules to follow trends because we are actively trying to set a new one.
Our solutions fit seamlessly in the needs of our clients and help them accelerate smoothly to success.
Looking to work with a progressive team?

Here?s a look at our advanced technology catalogue.

Unmatched Excellence

Becoming a technology innovator making business processes simpler, faster, secured and cost-efficient.

Our Mission

Quality Uncompromised

A motivated team that innovates like a true performer and excels every endeavor.

Creating with Excellence, for Excellence

An unbreakable, deeply instilled oath for every Ascentx member, that nothing lesser than the best should be served, whether it is to our clients or for our employees.

Pride in Hard work and Delight in Progress

We do not make excuses, don?t pass on the blame to others; we are unstoppable because we act responsibly and commit 100% to every undertaking.

Teamwork: Combined effort never fails

Open honest relationships built on dependable supporting teams. Not only charity but respect also starts at home.

Integrity: Sincerity wins loyalty

True success isn't measured by what you achieve but rather who you become - uphold sincerity and integrity in all your dealings.

Passionate - Challenge convention with intensity

We show absolute passion even in the smallest of endeavor, which makes us inseparable to our commitment of coming up with innovative products. We think, create, believe, question and deliver only the best.

Our Culture

Stay Innovative to Stay Progressive

Evolution saved mankind from extinction, so will digital help you accelerate towards an advanced world, where effort is minimized and productivity maximized. Our products are created with the focus to help users gain maximum benefits without putting the efforts to learn the using process. We innovate easy-to-use solutions that make the customer journey smooth.

Happy Employees a Successful Organization Make

When we say ?we work for progress.? it is not simply about our customers; our teams are also a part of the embrace. Every individual is an asset; as long as they are working contentedly they will be more productive. Hence Ascentx employees get as much attention as our customers; we count our teams as our first customers and certainly their agreement is important.

Problem-solving Approach for Rewarding Results

A useful product is the result of deeply studying customer pain-points and devising applicable solutions accordingly. A product created without properly studying the problem lying underneath will never yield effective results. The success of our products is evidence itself of how deeply we analyse and work on the problem-solving path.

Counting Customer-Experience as Success Benchmark

Whether it is our employees (our first customers) or our clients, they are the success yardsticks for Ascentx. It is their feedback that helps us improve and come up with measures that make our products worthier. Hence, we consider customer feedback as blessings, because every blessing counts.

Deliver Quality On-time to Earn Customer Loyalty

Ascentx follows the principle that timeliness is equal to customer-loyalty, so we ensure that we are prompt while responding to customer queries and equally quick in resolving issues. We follow the agile methodology that helps divide the work in independent cycles thus keeping the work progress organized.

Using Technology Constructively to Benefit the World

Ascentx abides by the doctrine of giving back to society, so the bottomline of our initiative has always been to make the world a better place to live in. Our products not only target solving issues for various industrial sectors but also help the world take bigger leaps to turn digital and eco-friendly. Digital transformation also implies intelligent use of resources and building an eco friendly environment, which we freely contribute to.

mySignatureBook Featured as 'Product of the Year'

We are pleased to announce that mySignatureBook (MSB) has been recognized and featured as ?Product of the Year ? 2016? (March ? Special issue) by Siliconindia ? one of the largest producer of technology news in India encompassing 5 million Indian professionals in its network. We would like to thank our clients, our dedicated team and well-wishers in the industry for their incredible support, without which none of this would have been possible.

As per the distinguished panel of jury comprising of industry?s topmost CEOs, managers, and industry analysts including the editorial board of Siliconindia, this award is conferred based upon the quality and unique features of our product as well as the impressive customer support provided by the company. This reiterates Taigle?s position as a leading digital transaction management solution provider and our commitment to delivering excellence and value to our clients.

Here is a link to the featured news about mySignatureBook.


Stonewain co-sponsors 33rd Annual RMA Conference

Connecting Markets, Connecting People

Co-sponsored by Stonewain, 33rd Annual RMA Conference saw all the major players involved in the business of Securities Lending and Borrowing in the US and Europe.

The event held from 10th to 13th October at Boca Raton, Florida was a huge success!

Contact Us

Current Job Openings

    IT-Software / Software Services/ Software Sales
    0-5 Years
    Delhi / Chandigarh
    B.Tech, BE, MCA and more over MBA with good academic score from reputed institute
    Excellent communication skills, Lead Generation, Corporate Sales, Pre Sales and Post Sales Follow Up, Market Research, Delivering Presentations, Business Development

Desired Profile:

  1. Work in close coordination with the Senior Management under directions from the Chairman and establish at par global standards in operating.
  2. Research, prospect, and build targeted client base for business development.
  3. Responsible for setting up the pipeline and driving the revenue growth with outstanding negotiation talent.
  4. Serve as the first in-depth point of contact to prospects/partners.
  5. Thrive in a fast-paced, high-energy sales environment
  6. Pre-sales follow-ups with the prospects/partners.
  7. After-sales follow-ups with the clients/partners.
  8. Setting up online demo meeting and F2F meetings.
  9. Making and delivering customer presentations.
  10. Handling group training to ensure updated product knowledge.
  11. Understanding product architecture for making an effective sales pitch.
  12. Responsible to get commercial quotes.
  13. Understanding organization mapping and decision making hierarchy including Procurement process
  14. Actively participates in sales calls to bring leadership in as needed.
  15. Ability to identify and cultivate prospects through targeted account planning and outbound communication tactics (phone, email, and social media)
  16. Achieve maximum sales results through prospecting, networking, and solution based selling while performing web demonstrations and consistent follow-up
  17. Actively participates in sales calls to bring leadership in as needed.
  18. Upsell within the current client base.
  19. Has the ability and skill set to close business deals.
  20. Practices effective, excellent communication with direct reports, management, customers and support staff
  21. Strong problem solving skills, ability to analyse complex multivariate problems and use a systematic approach to gain quick resolution, often under duress.
  22. Competitive Strategy & Analysis: Maintain an outside-in-view at all times and keep a close tab on competitive movements in the market.
  23. Product Conceptualization: Work closely with customers, partners and other external and internal stakeholders to conceptualize and define sales planning platform.
  24. Ensure continuous product improvement with feedback from customers, clients, partners etc.
  25. Adhere to all quality standards and processes, for the acquisition of customers.


  1. B.Tech, BE, MCA
  2. Full sales cycle knowledge
  3. Thorough knowledge of consultative selling including prospecting, qualifying, presenting, trial closing, objection handling and closing
  4. Organized and self-motivated while working independently to set and achieve goals
  5. High energy with ability to excel in an entrepreneurial, fast-changing environment
  6. Solid computer knowledge including proficiency with software applications including Salesforce
  7. Experience selling an advertising or SaaS solution preferred
  8. Excellent Communication Skills
Apply Now
    JavaScript/ AngularJs/ Web Developer/ UI Developer
    Software Development.
    4 + Years
    Software Development
    MTech/BTech/ B.E./MCA/BCA/MSc. (IT)/BSc (IT)

Desired Profile:

  1. Strong programming & logical concepts.
  2. Thoroughly clear with Object oriented programming techniques.
  3. Understanding of Object oriented java script.
  4. Good knowledge of basic concepts of JavaScript, HTML 5, CSS.
  5. Hands on experience with Angular JS.
  6. Good understanding of back-end API integration.
  7. Strong knowledge of responsive web design.
  8. Familiar with AMD & modular architecture.


  1. Knowledge of coding design patterns like MVC, MVVM, MVP, etc.
  2. Any other JavaScript framework knowledge like, Knockout, Ember, Backbone, etc., will be a plus.
  3. Good architectural thinking capabilities.
  4. Mobile app development knowledge.
  5. Hybrid apps development knowledge.
  6. Ionic framework.
Apply Now
    Software Engineer (Report Writer / Jaspersoft Developer)
    IT Software - Application Programming, Maintenance
    2-8 Years
    Software Development
    B.Tech/B.E. ? Computers/ M.Tech - Any Specialization, Computers, MCA - Computers

Desired Profile:

  1. Handling and producing different file formats: CSV, XML, HTML, XLSX and PDF among others using jasper reporting framework
  2. Minimum of 2 -4 years of working experience on developing Complex Reports using Jaspersoft Server and Jaspersoft Studio
  3. Candidate must have solid experience in Adhoc reports, interactive reports in Jaspersoft
  4. Strong knowledge of generating reports from one or more data sources like Oracle, Cassandra, Redshift, PostgreSQL, SQL Server,JDBC, XML
  5. Advanced SQL (analytical functions) writing skills
  6. Understand the Overall architecture of Jaspersoft BI
  7. Experience in creating Ad Hoc Reports, pixel-perfect reports, interactive reports, OLAP, Views, Domains
  8. Experience in creating dashboards with visualizations
  9. Must have strong knowledge in Jasper reports deployment and configuration
  10. Knowledge of Jasper report server administration, installation and configuration is a plus
  11. Knowledge of User Management in Jaspersoft Server is a plus
  12. Knowledge of GIT version control system is a plus
  13. Knowledge of JIRA is a plus
  14. Good experience working with or leading agile development methodologies
  15. Able to work independently as well as part of a team
  16. Good communication skills and capability to interact with onsite business and technical teams Desirable Skills
  17. Exposure on Embedded reporting technology
  18. Java Programming experience
  19. Knowledge of GIT Version Control System
Apply Now
    Java Developer/ Sr. Java Developer
    Software Development.
    3 + Years
    Software Development
    MTech/BTech/ B.E./MCA/BCA/MSc. (IT)/BSc (IT)

Desired Profile:

  1. Core Java/JEE with 3-6 years of experience.
  2. Hands on experience on frameworks like Spring, Struts, JSF etc.
  3. Experience in developing web applications using JSP, Servlets, Taglibs, JSTL, HTML, CSS, Ajax, JQuery etc.
  4. Working experience in MV* JavaScript frameworks.
  5. Experience in ORM frameworks like Hibernate, JPA, iBatis etc.
  6. Knowledge of Development and Architectural best practices and SDLC processes.
  7. Test-Driven Development, exposure on any unit test framework like Junit / Mocking frameworks, Test NG.
  8. Knowledge of Database: MySQL, Oracle PL/SQL etc.
  9. Strong knowledge of Design Patterns.
  10. Strong experience in using tools like Eclipse/NetBeans, Git, SVN etc.
  11. Experience Scrum / Agile methodologies.
  12. Excellent communication skills and ability to develop strong partnerships with other developers and stakeholders at all levels.


  1. Knowledge in any one of the Continuous Integration and continuous delivery tools like Jenkins/Hudson/Cruise Control
  2. Knowledge of build tools such as Maven, Ant.
  3. Working experience with DevOps tools like Jira, Sonar.
  4. Knowledge on NoSQL Database like Mongodb.
  5. Knowledge of Business Rules Management System (rule engines like drools, open-rules, ILOG-jRules etc.)
  6. Web Services (SOAP/REST)
  7. Capital Markets or Healthcare business domain knowledge.
Apply Now
    Sr. Systems Administrator
    3 + Years
    B.Tech, BE, MCA
    OS ? Windows 2000/2003/2008, Windows Vista/NT/XP/7, Linux, SQL, Redhat, Ubuntu, Shell scripting, Cisco firewall

Desired Profile:

  1. Strong Knowledge of Redhat, CentOS and Ubuntu based servers
  2. Strong knowledge of general networking practices / protocols / administrative tasks
  3. Strong General Linux Administration skills such as capacity management, performance monitoring, provisioning, and network systems connectivity
  4. Good knowledge of Network Security, Systems and Network hardening
  5. Hands on experience to ensure proper security, monitoring, alerting and reporting for the infrastructure
  6. Thoroughly clear to monitor system availability, load, and system capacity
  7. Good knowledge of Nagios/Cacti open source monitoring and alerting systems
  8. Installation, Configuration, Maintenance and Administration of all Linux flavor i.e. RedHat, CentOS, Ubuntu
  9. Familiarity with virtualization Environments.
  10. Good experience in applying operating system updates, patches, and configuration changes.
  11. Troubleshoot Day?to-Day issues with various Servers on different platforms.
  12. Expert in Oracle/Mysql Database
  13. Installation, configuration and implementation of Apache Tomcat, NFS
  14. Strong knowledge of Mail servers, Sendmail or Postfix
  15. Monitor Linux Server for CPU utilization, Memory Utilization and Disk Utilization for performance monitoring.
  16. Proficient in Shell scripting to automate tasks
  17. Experience in server hardening and optimization of Apache Tomcat and Mysql
  18. Hands on experience working on Cisco firewall and Iptables/CSF
  19. Hands on experience working on Jenkins continuous integration server
  20. Good Knowledge of Git or any other version control system
  21. Squid proxy server and manage internet access


  1. Systems Administration/System Engineer certification in Linux and Microsoft.
  2. Candidate must have good command over English to interact with our US based clients.
  3. Goal achievers & positive thinking.
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    Quality Analyst (Automation)
    3 - 5 Years
    Automation Testing
    Software Development
    Bachelor's / Master's degree (or equivalent) in Computer Science, Computer Engineering, etc

Desired Profile:

  1. Hands on experience in Selenium Web Driver is must.
  2. Analysing the Requirements from the client and participating in preparing Test Plans.
  3. Experience in creating test artifacts (Test Cases, Test Scenarios, and Defect Reports).
  4. Preparing Test Data for the test cases.
  5. Executing and Analysing the Test Cases prepared by other team members.
  6. Knowledge of SDLC and STLC.
  7. Defect Tracking using tools like JIRA, Bugzilla or QC (Quality Centre)
  8. Knowledge of Databases -Writing SQL Queries, Executing them.
  9. SQA/Testing experience with Web & Mobile, Manual & Automated Testing with development background
  10. Experience in Performance, Load, Security manual & automated testing
  11. Familiarity with software quality assurance processes and software testing best practices
  12. Excellent analytical and problem solving skills to identify programming errors or inconsistencies.


  1. Experience in testing with different Mobile app OS (Android, iOS & Windows) including working knowledge of mobile development & Testing platforms and tools, testing and deployment technologies.
  2. Experience in cross browser, cross platform testing of web based applications.
  3. Soap UI Web Services Testing.
  4. White box testing using JUnit/TestNG
  5. Experience in Jmeter Or similar tools
  6. Hands-on experience with Eclipse or other IDE development tools
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    HR Recruitments/ Generalist
    Human Resource Department
    2-3 years of experience ináHuman Resource Recruitments/Generalist.
    MBA - HR
    Maintains and enhances the organization's human resources by planning, implementing, and evaluating employee relations and human resources policies, programs, and practices.

Desired Profile:

  1. HR Generalist with Good knowledge of IT Recruitments, Joining & Induction, Leaves & Attendance Management, HR Database, Statutory Compliances, Performance Management, Employee Relations and Exit Interviews.
  2. Develop and update job descriptions and job specifications.
  3. Hands on experience in drafting job descriptions, employee handbook, performance appraisal, forms, SOP, policies and other HR related documents.
  4. Experience to conduct orientation program and briefing to new employee.
  5. On-board new employees in order to become fully integrated.
  6. Perform job and task analysis to document job requirements and objectives.
  7. Prepare and post jobs to appropriate job portals/newspapers/colleges etc.
  8. Source and attract candidates by using databases, recruitment agencies, social media etc.
  9. Screen candidate?s resumes and job applications.
  10. Conduct interviews using various reliable personnel selection tools/methods to filter candidates within schedule.
  11. Experience understanding and executing staffing requisition, requirements and issues from all departments.
  12. Assess applicants' relevant knowledge, skills, soft skills, experience and aptitudes.
  13. Maintain employees' leaves, medical and attendance record. Keeping track of employees' attendance / absenteeism and report to Operations Manager.
  14. Issuing Letter of Offer/Intent/Employment to the selected candidate.
  15. Monitor and apply HR recruiting best practices.
  16. Act as a point of contact and build influential candidate relationships during the selection process.
  17. Ensures legal compliance by monitoring and implementing applicable human resource state requirements under Shops & Establishment Act; conducting investigations; maintaining records.
  18. Maintains professional and technical knowledge by attending workshops; reviewing professional publications; establishing personal networks; participating in professional societies.
  19. Promote Company?s reputation as ?Best Place to Work?.


  1. Possess a regular degree in Human Resources
  2. Computer literate particularly with Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Word & Microsoft Powerpoint.
  3. Strong organizational skills with excellent attention to details, willingness to develop & learn new skills.
  4. Good writing, analytical and problem-solving skills.
  5. Able to work under pressure and efficiently.
  6. Ability to communicate effectively & professionally.
  7. Ability to follow oral and written instructions.
  8. Positive & pro-active attitude towards work.
  9. Ability to work independently and as part of a team.
  10. Ability to speak good English. Local dialects are a bonus.
  11. Discretion, confidentiality and professionalism at all times.
  12. Capable of handling HR transactional and strategic role.
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    Database Administrator
    IT-Software / Software Services
    3 + Years
    B.Tech, BE, MCA
    Oracle, RMAN, RAC, 11g,12c, DBA, SQL, PLSQL, Database Administration, Database Architecture, Performance Tuning

Desired Profile:

  1. Strong knowledge of Oracle Database Administration ( 11g, 12c)
  2. Knowledge of Oracle RAC and Data Guard database administration
  3. Candidate must be able Create & maintains all databases required for development, testing, production and training usage
  4. Knowledge of Database installations and upgrades, regular PSU & CPU patching for databases
  5. Knowledge of Interface with Oracle Corporation for technical support
  6. Register for database alerts and follow-up on db alerts on regular basis and take action as necessary
  7. Hands on Experience in managing Complex Oracle Environments Spanning multiple Oracle Instances / Servers
  8. Hands on Experience in Backup and Recovery - RMAN.
  9. Enforces and maintains database constraints to ensure integrity of the database
  10. Performs database re-organizations as required to assist performance and ensure maximum up-time of the database.
  11. Knowledge of Oracle troubleshooting and problem resolution of complex Issues
  12. Must have Operating System Knowledge on Windows / Linux / AIX


  1. Proficient in English with good communication skills. Co-ordination with internal and external teams required to get things to closure.
  2. Work as part of a team and provide 24x7 support when required
  3. Willingness to participate in non-standard working-time models (some off-hours/ weekend work may be required at times)
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    Client Support Executive
    IT Software - Technical Support
    2-5 Years
    Graduate in B.Tech B.Sc IT/B.Sc/MCA/ Diploma etc
    1. Good Knowledge of UNIX and SQL.
    2. Proficiency in operation and MS Office.
    3. Excellent verbal and written communication skills.
    4. Knowledge about domain/hosting/emails will be an added advantage.

Desired Profile:

  1. Work with global customers to resolve complex technical issues and maintain high customer satisfaction
  2. Providing telephone/email support to clients for their queries
  3. Logging and resolving customer issues
  4. Provide technical support within agreed SLA while ensuring that customer satisfaction goals are achieved
  5. Customer correspondence including documentation of user guides and other resources
  6. Escalation and reproduction of technical issues for the development team
  7. QA tasks and technical documentation
  8. System monitoring
  9. Administration of SQL databases
  10. Follow the escalation process: promptly identify cases to be escalated and assure cases are prepared for escalation (thoroughly investigated and documented)
  11. Ensure proper recording and closure of all incidents and support issues within JIRA
  12. Provide ongoing feedback on product usability and suggestions for improvement and provide technical leadership
  13. Participate and Support organization?s internal projects
  14. Prepare accurate and timely reports
  15. Remains knowledgeable of Ascentx product line, current industry products and technologies
  16. Shift Timings: 2:00 PM - 11:00 PM IST. However, due to the nature of the work, you may be expected to work shifts or be on call. It may be necessary to work extra hours to finish a job.


  1. More than 2 year experience in a software support or development/QA role is advantageous.
  2. Demonstrate SQL and some PSQL programming skills is highly desirable
  3. Demonstrate investigative and problem solving skills is highly desirable
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    Software Architect
    IT Software - Application Design and Development
    7 + Years
    MTech/ BTech/ B.E./MCA/MSc. (IT) from tier 1 institute

    Java, J2ee, Spring Framework, Hibernate, JPA, MVC, angular js, Design Patterns, Application servers, CI & CD tools, Agile, Industry standard best design and development practices

Desired Profile :

  1. Strong experience in Java, JEE, MVC framework, Spring ,ORM , JavaScript technologies and framework
  2. Experience in SOA based architecture, Web Services (Apache CXF/ JAXWS/ JAXRS/ SOAP/ REST
  3. Experience in multiple application and web servers (JBoss/ Tomcat/ Websphere)
  4. Experience in continuous integration (Jenkins/ Sonar/ Nexus) and CD
  5. Hands on experience of RDBMS like SQL Server, Oracle, MySQL, PostgreSQL
  6. Excellent knowledge of UML and design patterns
  7. Excellent knowledge on Performance tuning
  8. Problem solving skills with data structure, algorithms & design pattern
  9. Have a very good understanding of n-tier architecture and Web Applications
  10. Proven experience in troubleshooting complex and unusual bugs

Key Responsibilities :

  1. Technical ownership of SaaS Products - which includes software architecture, code quality, validation, delivery and software operation
  2. Strategic Team augmentation and Product Roadmap - Keep a pulse of team, ownership of strategy for expanding development center and work in close coordination with Product Owners for Product Roadmap to align team goals
  3. Collaborating with other professionals to determine functional and non-functional requirements for new software or applications
  4. Using tools and methodologies to create representations for functions and user interface of desired product
  5. Design solutions from all aspects of development from appropriate technology, scalability, performance and code quality
  6. Communicate successfully all concepts and guidelines to development team
  7. Oversee progress of development team to ensure consistency with initial design and timely delivery
  8. Provide technical guidance and coaching to developers and engineers
  9. Play a critical role extending our Development Centre at Chandigarh and is part of the Senior Management team

Management and Delivery :

  1. Understand various disparate views of the system
  2. Manage team for effective processes, design and coding standards for software development
  3. Track the productivity of the team closely and implement continuous productivity/ quality improvements
  4. Define, understand and be able to analyse the non-functional requirements of the project
  5. Provide software requirement estimates
  6. Track the delivery of the project
  7. High quality organizational and leadership skills

Architecture & Design :

  1. Be able to envision the overall solution for defined functional and non-functional requirements; and be able to define technologies, patterns and frameworks to materialize it
  2. Design and develop the framework of the system and be able to explain choices made. Also write and review design document explaining overall architecture, framework and high level design of the application
  3. Have experience in integrating with other third party applications
  4. Create, understand and validate Design and estimated effort for given module/ task, and be able to justify it
  5. Be able to identify and integrate well over all integration points in context of a project as well as other applications in the environment


  1. Workflow and Business Rules management system
  2. Document Management Systems
  3. Hybrid Mobile Applications / HTML5 based applications with MV* JavaScript frameworks
  4. Industry experience in IT, Banking or a Consulting firm in varied banking domains e.g. Capital Markets/Trading/Loans
  5. Experience with SaaS and cloud based development
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    Engineering Manager/ Staff Software Engineer
    IT Software - Application Programming , Maintenance
    10 + Years
    MTech/BTech/ B.E./MCA/MSc. (IT)

    BFSI Industry Experience, Spring Framework, Hibernate, Java, J2ee, Algorithms, Capital Markets/Financial Services Project Implementation Experience

Desired Profile :

  1. 10+ years of experience in Software Development/ Project Management, with Computer Science/Engineering degree, preferably from a tier 1 institute
  2. Engineering Manager is expected to play a critical role extending our Development Centre at Chandigarh and is part of the Senior Management team. We invite experienced technologists who have delivered software solutions for Industry leading enterprises with agile teams to apply to this role

Key Responsibilities :

  1. Technical ownership of SaaS Products - which includes software architecture, code quality, validation, delivery and software operation
  2. Strategic Team augmentation and Product Roadmap - Keep a pulse of team, ownership of strategy for expanding development center and work in close coordination with Product Owners for Product Roadmap to align team goals

Key Technical Skills :

  1. Strong experience in Java, JEE, Struts, Spring and JavaScript technologies and frameworks
  2. Experience in SOA based architecture, Web Services (Apache CXF/ JAXWS/ JAXRS/ SOAP/ REST)
  3. Experience in multiple application and web servers (JBoss/ Tomcat/ Websphere)
  4. Experience in continuous integration (Jenkins/ Sonar/ Nexus/ PMD) and CD
  5. Hands on experience of RDBMS like SQL Server, Oracle, MySQL, PostgreSQL
  6. Have a good understanding of UML and design patterns
  7. Have a good understanding on Performance tuning
  8. Good hands on developing experience in java, j2ee, spring & hibernate
  9. Problem solving skills with data structure, algorithms & design pattern
  10. Have a very good understanding of n-tier architecture and Web Applications

Management and Delivery :

  1. Understand various disparate views of the system
  2. Manage team drive effective processes, design and coding standards for software development
  3. Leverage various teams and resources as necessary to maximize efficiency
  4. Track the productivity of the team closely and implement continuous productivity/ quality improvements
  5. Analyze system requirements and map to specific components/ libraries
  6. Define, understand and be able to analyse the non-functional requirements of the project


  1. Workflow and Business Rules management system
  2. Document Management Systems
  3. Hybrid Mobile Applications / HTML5 based applications with MV* JavaScript frameworks
  4. Financial services industry experience preferred
  5. Industry experience in IT, Banking or a Consulting firm in varied banking functions and systems implementation
  6. Experience with SaaS and cloud based development
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    MTech/BTech/ B.E./MCA/BCA/MSc. (IT)/BSc (IT)
    INR As per the industry standards / Depending on experience

    Good Communication Skills

    Strong Analytical thinking & problem solving skills

Desired Profile :

  1. Overall CGPA required is 7
  2. The ability to analyze complex problems and assess possible solutions
  3. Ability to prioritize and plan effectively
  4. Good team working skills
  5. The ability to explain ideas clearly
  6. Strong decision making skills

Application Process :

  1. The shortlisted candidates would be contacted for a brief telephonic conversation
  2. A test designed to judge the overall technical skills and aptitude of the candidate would be sent to the provided email address
  3. Candidates would be shortlisted on the basis of the results of the tests
  4. A face to face interview would then be scheduled for the selected candidates
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    Operations Manager
    IT Software - Support, Operations
    8-10 Years
    Bachelors/Masters professional education with good academic score from reputed institute
    IT Operations in a product based company(Cloud- SAAS environment)

Desired Profile:

The Operations Manager at Ascentx Software Development Services Pvt. Ltd. will be responsible to conduct day-to-day administration and operational tasks assigned by Senior Management and will get further from under the Chairman. Must have experience handling operations of a cloud SAAS environment which is operational 24*7. This responsibility will include (but is not limited to), strategy planning, coordination and supervision, administrative tasks and recruitments.

Reporting to the CEO and serving as a member of the management team this position's primary responsibility is ensuring organizational effectiveness by providing leadership for the organization?s operations.

Role Expectation:

  1. Work in close coordination with the Senior Management under directions from the Chairman and establish at par global standards in operating.
  2. Ensure the company has sound operations running 24*7
  3. Inspirational leader with the ability to lead a team through significant transformation while maintaining the highest standard of execution.
  4. Plan, direct and manage technical Presales/Sales to drive the business to increase continuous growth and profitability.
  5. Liaise and negotiate with clients to get best deals for business growth and represent Company in relevant professional organizations.
  6. Shape a culture of innovation, change, execution excellence and excitement within the current and freshly created team.
  7. Undertake overall responsibility of the business unit develop and maintain business relationships with all government officials and ensure compliance to all existing processes and meet the defined Service Level Agreements.
  8. Ensures that the teams are mentored and work towards adherence of all SOP's/ processes, required to be complied with, from an Organizational and ISO perspective.
  9. Customer service focus.
  10. In accordance with Security Plan ensure procedures to protect applications and data.
  11. Oversee application system lifecycle management and annual/quarterly/ monthly IT audits based upon best practices including collection of metrics.
  12. Ensure that the organizational quality policies, standards and processes are in place and the project processes conform to quality plans (HR/Finance/IT Operations/Delivery Management)
  13. Ensure that the regular audits of project products and processes are being conducted (HR/Finance/IT Operations/Delivery Management)


Client Technical Support:

  1. Design and deliver support and service solutions in line with industry best practices
  2. Monitoring the effectiveness of the team against SLA/KPI?s, driving through change as needed to deliver continual service improvement
  3. Utilising the support staff in testing/other relevant activities.
  4. Ensure operational procedures and practices are well defined, documented and consistently applied.
  5. Ensure teams are skilled, trained and developed to enable them to deliver high quality service and support
  6. Ownership of all customer incidents or service requests logged. Responsible for tracking and progress chasing of incidents to conclusion and in line with SLAs and quality standards.
  7. Will be responsible for escalation of critical customer incidents, activities etc.
  8. Supervise the maintenance and security of technical services and information
  9. To secure full alignment and synchronization with the client side teams of all major activities involving the Network.
  10. To identify and implement improvements to the Service Desk incident logging system to provide a more effective and efficient service to customers.
  11. Manage the processing of incoming calls to the Desk via both telephone and e-mail to ensure courteous, timely, and effective resolution of end user issues.
  12. Cultivating cost effective and highly efficient ways for client management.
  13. Ensure that solutions are consistent with the unit business operations, standard process, client commitments
  14. Verifying and confirming process change requests and management of process documents.
  15. Ensure process compliance and record keeping for audits.

IT Operations:

  1. Administer and monitor internal networking systems
  2. Prepares reports and ensure optimal performance and maintain records of SLA
  3. Design, implement and ensure efficient maintenance and ensure compliance to all disaster recovery plans.
  4. Assist IT Support team to check and ensure resolution of all issues to achieve all objectives.
  5. Administer all spheres of physical planning, provide security and backup of recovering systems.
  6. Determine availability of systems and IT network application process
  7. Design and maintain all IT processes according to operational policies through standardization of methods.
  8. Maintain and prepare all paperwork for various activities and provide performance backup to retrieve data in case of emergency.
  9. Administer and provide upgrade to systems and escalate issues.
  10. Prepare and review all Service Level and Operations Metrics for service delivery.
  11. Analyze all continuous up gradation process through various proactive self initiated projects and ensure efficiency.
  12. Ensure process compliance and record keeping for audits.

Human Resource(US/India)

  1. Recruitment and Employment
    1. Ensure all the recruitment and employment is carried out in accordance to the company procedures.
    2. Drafting, implementing and execution of policies in line with company?s business objectives.
    3. Ensure process compliance and record keeping for audits
    4. Implement strategies to improve voluntary attrition rate, so that the organization finds it easy to retain employees
    5. Ensure the employee onboarding/off boarding checklists are executed and completed within assigned due dates or sooner
    6. Ensure to partner with colleges/universities/campuses to anticipate and meet the evolving needs and to deliver the best talent in the organization
  2. Staff Training & Development
    1. Establish goals and objectives for self and team and implement accordingly to help support/improve job performance (experience, ability, competence)
    2. Promote best practice and performance standards
    3. Develop and monitor performance standards
    4. Identify individual training needs
    5. Implement, monitor and review training and development plans
  3. Performance Management & Annual Appraisals
    1. Ensure that staff under performance is being monitored, reviewed and addressed, appropriate records in accordance with company procedures are being maintained.
    2. Ensure the annual performance appraisals are conducted and reviews are recorded
    3. Ensuring that the appropriate systems and processes are in place to measure and manage staff performance and to coach and develop a high performance workforce.
  4. Discipline & Grievance
    1. Monitor, review and address staff under performance, liaising with the Chairman and CEO and maintaining appropriate records in accordance with company procedures as required.
    2. Address any staff discipline or grievance issue, maintaining appropriate records in accordance with company procedures.
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    Network Engineer
    2+ Years
    MTech/ BTech/ B.E./ MCA/ BCA/ MSc.(IT)/ BSc(IT)

    GLBP, OSPF, HSRP, VRRP, Networking, Bgp, EIGRP, ISL, VTP, Trunking, Load Balancers, switches, routers, stress balancers, vpn

Description :

The Network Engineer?s role is to ensure the stability and integrity of in-house voice, data, video, and wireless network services. This is achieved by planning, designing, and developing local area networks (LANs) and wide area networks (WANs) across the organization. In addition, the Network Engineer will participate with the installation, monitoring, maintenance, support, and optimization of all network hardware, software, and communication links. This individual will also analyze and resolve network hardware and software problems in a timely and accurate fashion, and provide end user training.

Responsibilities :

  1. Monitoring network performance and ensure system availability and reliability
  2. Configuring and installing various network devices and services (e.g., routers, switches, firewalls, load balancers, VPN, QoS)
  3. Setup and Configuration Cisco ASA firewalls
  4. Configure Site to Site vpn, NAT, Access Rules, URL Filtering, Bandwidth Management and monitoring, Service policy rules, Dual ISP connection, Failover on Cisco ASA firewalls
  5. Performing network maintenance and system upgrades including service packs, patches, hotfixes and security configurations
  6. Monitor system resource utilization, trending, and capacity planning
  7. Provide Level-2/3 support and troubleshooting to resolve issues
  8. Work within established configuration and change management policies to ensure awareness, approval and success of changes made to the network infrastructure
  9. Select and implement security tools, policies, and procedures in conjunction with the company?s security team
  10. Liaise with vendors and other IT personnel for problem resolution

Good To Have :

  1. Proven hands-on network engineering experience
  2. CCNP or higher (CCIE and/or CISSP highly valued)
  3. Deep understanding of networking protocols (e.g., IPSEC, HSRP, BGP, OSPF, 802.11, QoS)
  4. Solid understanding of the OSI or TCP/IP model
  5. Hands-on experience with monitoring, network diagnostic and network analytics tools
  6. University degree in Computer Science or a related subject
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